Horizontal Split Multistage Pumps (Model RR)

Horizontal Split Multistage Pumps (Model RR)

For boiler feed and medium pressure service

Standard Features
The RR includes heavy duty horizontally split casings which facilitate inspection and maintenance of the entire rotating assembly without disturbing piping or alignment.  Specifically for use on higher pressure applications, the RR comes in three sizes in either a two stage or four stage arrangement.  The design of volute passages and opposition of impellers greatly reduce radial and axial thrust and improve bearing and seal life.

General Pump Specifications:

  • Capacity to 1000 gpm
  • Head to 1500 feet
  • Working pressures to  = 700 psi
  • Temperatures to 250F
  • Standard Materials of construction include ductile iron split casing, cast iron, bronze or stainless impeller, AISI 4150 shaft, cast iron or bronze wear rings and diaphragms, and stainless steel interstage sleeves

Product Literature
Bulletin 980K – Horizontally Split Case Multistage Pumps Class RR
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