Double Suction Pumps (Model HSS / HSM / HSL / HSO)

Double Suction Pumps (Model HSS / HSM / HSL / HSO)

Double Suction Single Stage Pumps - For Long Life, Quiet Operation and High Efficiency

Standard Features
Heavy duty horizontally split casings simplify inspection and maintenance of rotating parts since piping does not need to be disturbed. Greater interchangeability has been achieved by shaft groupings to reduce inventory requirements. Double suction enclosed one piece type impellers are hydraulically balanced and secured to the shaft by feather key and locking collars for exact alignment. 316 stainless steel shafts are ground and polished for precision fit of all parts, and sized to provide less than .002” deflection. Grease lubricated deep groove bearings are shielded on one side to minimize contamination and over greasing. Bearings are designed for 150,000 hours minimum average life.

General Pump Specifications:

  • Over 30 Pump Sizes Available
  • Capacity…to 20,000 GPM
  • Head…to 400 Feet
  • 6 Shaft groups
  • Stuffing Boxes can be Packed or Mechanical Seals can be provided
  • 125 Lb. American Standard Flanges

Material of Construction Include:

  • Iron
  • 316 Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Other Alloys Available

Product Literature:
Bulletin 900B - Classes HSS-HSM-HSL-HSC Double Suction Single Stage Pumps
Bulletin 906A - Vertical Double Suction Single Stage Pumps
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