Canned Motor Pumps (Model HCR)

Canned Motor Pumps (Model HCR)

Can-O-Matic Pumps
Reliable Zero Leakage Pumps - Many Applications, One Pump

Standard Features

Hermetically sealed for use when the possibility of leakage is unacceptable. The Can-O-Matic uses an ANSI pump end with a back pull out design which makes it readily suitable for retro fit with out costly re-piping. The Can-O-Matic features conical or tapered segmented bearings (for larger motors with greater radial loads) which are ideal for liquids with low lubricity and/or low viscosity. The bearings are spring loaded to maintain concentricity and compensate for wear. Axial and radial thrust loads are balanced by Buffalo Pumps’s patented Thrust-O-Matic device. This combined with low NPSH required characteristics results in low maintenance and service.

General Pump Specifications:

  • 13 Pump Sizes Available
  • Capacity…to 1500 GPM
  • Head…… 700 Feet
  • RPM……..1750 & 3500
  • Standard working pressure of 400 psi and up to 600+ psi designs available.
  • Temperature range from -100 F to 250 F as standard and -150 F to 400+ F available with special materials.
  • Standard materials of construction include low temperature ductile iron casing, cast iron impeller, carbon graphite bearings and all wetted motor parts of 316 stainless steel.

Product Literature:
Bulletin 994 - Canned Motor Pumps
Bulletin 929B - Can-O-Matic II Reliable Zero Leakage Pumps

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